A Delicious Late Night Snack – Calgary Wedding Planner

Dessert Bars/Buffets and Candy bars/Buffets are hugely popular for weddings. We’re also loving the trend of beverage bars ~ stations where you can customize your hot chocolate or coffees with items such as chocolate shavings, marshmallows, flavoured whipped creams and sprinkles (YUMMY! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it all!). So when we came across this next idea, well we fell in LOVE fast!!

Introducing the CHILI BAR!! One huge pot of delicious Chili and the possibilities are endless!

Hot Dogs, Tortilla chips (dump the chill right into the bag!), fries, pasta and even baked potatoes! And don’t forget the toppings! Salsa, sour cream, cheese and other veggies.

A perfect late night snack! Time to dig out the crock pot and make a big batch of chill!

Images from Celebrations at Home ~ check out more images and a recipe for chill!





















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